Hey! I’m Christina Walls and this is my story

I was born and raised in Ohio and lived there until my early 20’s.  After that I sort of lived a vagabond life traveling throughout the USA living and working in different areas until I was in my late 20’s.

My early years were a mix of sunshine and rain.  I grew up in farm country with a great circle of friends and community, but we had some issues in the home.  My father was an alcoholic and I was eventually raised by a single mother which had its own set of challenges.

I was the youngest of four kids all single handedly raised by our mother. I had a very typical small-town life; we went to footballs games on Friday nights and cruised the strip on the weekends with friends. This small town taught me about hard work, having a community and friendship which has benefited me my whole life.

Yet, within I felt a need to go beyond where I was.  So, at around 23 I packed my bags and headed West.  I stayed a short time in Arizona where my brother was living.  I later moved north to Montana in a ski town called Whitefish. 

This was an incredible experience as I had a free ski pass that came with my job and I had the opportunity to snowboard for a whole season.  But soon my attention went else where and I went to Missoula, Montana to finish up my schooling.

While at the University of Montana I sat down one day and wrote a play and took it to the Universities theater department head and asked him to read it.  A few day’s later I go back, and he tells me he liked it and could see it on stage. He gave me a theater and introduced me to a group of actors, directors, musicians, and dancers and in a matter of months my play was on the stage. 

I had written most of my life just naturally, but this was the first time I had ever put my writing out there. It was a great experience and opened my mind to the possibility of what I could accomplish.

Time went on and I ended up going back to Ohio and soon found myself in Florida married and within a year we had a son.  My marriage was very tumultuous and ended after nearly 20 years. It was a life changing experience that forced me to look at some areas of my life that I could clearly see needed some work. I had struggled at first being a single mom until I made the decision that I was not going to be a broke single mom.  I decided I was going to make it happen and make it happen the way I wanted it to.

I began to see how our mind has this incredible power to create and if not used correctly can create all sorts of problems.  I started to realize I could make out of my life what I wanted and one thing I wanted to do was get involved in real estate investing.

For years I told myself you do not have the capital or the education to become an investor.  But after I had made my mind up to change my own life, I began to seek out ways I could learn.  I joined a local real estate investing association and began to meet a new circle of people who were making it happen.  They were people just like me.  My mind began to open to the possibility that I too, could become an investor.

Truly, when the student is ready the teacher will arrive.  I was ready and started looking into investing and was not so sure what area I wanted to get involved with.  I went to a class in Orlando, Florida on land flipping and as I sat there within myself, I knew “I could this”.  So, I bought the program on a credit card and started on it right away and in 30 days closed on my first deal and made around $8000, this paid for the program and gave me a decent start to begin growing my business.  This was the most I had ever made at one time.

I was so excited and just committed and went full steam ahead. It seemed to take me longer as I was also running another business and my son was now in high school and was involved in sports, so my time was a bit limited. But I was totally committed.

Soon I found myself in an entirely new circle of people and an incredible group on land investors.  A group that not only focused on doing deals but seemed to support one another in ways I had never had in a career.  The group Land Profit generator founded by Jack and Michelle Bosch became a family, a support and doors began to open for me that I had never seen coming.

I began to grow as a person and personal growth seemed to be part of the standard for the community of the land investors within this group.  I then started coaching and going on podcasts.  I began to see that giving back and helping was the natural evolution in this business.  I now have a desire to work with women who perhaps had some struggles and are striving to change their lives.  And individual who are struggling with limiting mind frames.  I have begun to engage in public speaking and see that my experience can add value to others.

I am grateful for all that life has opened to me and want to give back in any way that can help another achieve their highest potential as I strive to achieve my highest potential.

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